What other people are saying about DiscoverText

Our research group has been using DiscoverText to study patterns of Twitter use by government agencies and the public. Having access to this suite of tools allows our team to collect and analyze data quickly and collaboratively, while eliminating the need for technical expertise or local infrastructure. So, DiscoverText effectively increases our capacity as researchers and allows us to undertake projects that otherwise would have been beyond our reach.

Luanne Freund, Digital Information Interaction Group, the iSchool, University of British Columbia, PI, E-informing the Public Project

Having both corporate and government clients, I need a professional tool, not a toy. Time track added to the custom classifying engine is by far the best solution for understanding the context/connotation around a given instance. Further, DT allows the flexibility to develop insights that are not just "off the shelf", but truly bespoke. I've tried most of the other "tools" out there and DT is the best one for mission critical work.

Chandler T Wilson, Owner CT LLC / Senior Consultant, Intrasoft International

DiscoverText is great for being able to code large data sets quickly and for adding a human factor to the social media data filtering... Not trying it is like trying to ride a bike without pedals ... it's possible, but takes a lot longer and is a lot more work to reach the same result.

Tommy B., GNIP

Stu and his team of experts went above and beyond our expectations. A dedicated coder and text analytics specialist worked tirelessly to produce an excellent product that has allowed us to tie qualitative information with quantitative data. Texifter proved that they are as good, if not better than, many off-the-shelf products. We can't say enough about the excitement and energy that both Stu and his team bring to the table.

Jeremy Kasle, JetBlue Airways

Working at a small college, I do my best to stretch my research budget. With an inexpensive monthly subscription and no need to purchase specialized hardware, DiscoverText is far and away the most affordable platform around for the capture and qualitative coding of unstructured data.

David Gurzick, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Management, Hood College

We haven't seen any other off-the-shelf products that can match DiscoverText's customizable offering. We can't say enough about the excitement, dedication, and energy that both Stu and his team bring to the table.

"Airline Industry" Former Executive, People Analytics & Engagement

The answer to my research needs. I am so pleased with this user-friendly program!... I always tell people how it makes content analysis easy and provides tons of data.

Susie Butler, University of Pittsburgh

DiscoverText is a must have tool for internet researchers

Fabio Giglietto, Ph.D, Nextmedia & Society .org

DiscoverText is the ultimate tool for content analysis of tweets.

Gabriela Zago, Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul (Brazil)

An awesome tool for collecting and doing qualitative analysis on social media data.

Shawn Walker, Ph.D Candidate, University of Washington

DiscoverText is a powerful webometrics tool for social scientists! You do not have to be a programmer!

Han Woo Park, Ph.D, Yeungnam University

DiscoverText is a powerful new way to capture and analyze twitter data. Their customer support is excellent!

Jennifer Whitehill, Ph.D Candidate, University of Washington

I'm currently testing several ways of speeding up and crowd source my private psycholinguistic research and DiscoverText really allows me to collect and sift through the raw data better than any other service I've tried within the price range. The possibility to export the data for further analysis suits me great since I collaborate with uClassify.com for automated classification.

Mattias Ostmar, http://www.typealyzer.com/

Great for collecting and analyzing Twitter messages

Bob Boynton, Ph.D, University of Iowa

DiscoverText is a gateway to a whole new world of data.

Jana Marie Hutchinson, Ph.D, Emory University

Textifer has enabled us to improve the amount of customer feedback we can gather and this has given us the reassurance that we're reaching out to our customers when they need us.

Lorraine Fleming, QVC UK

I have been working with DiscoverText to process public comments on several controversial programs. This system is extraordinary in its capacity to manage a wide range of public comments, allowing the user to catalog, index and annotate form letters, petitions, and highly technical submittals, track the comment contents, and prepare robust response to comments documents. At every stage, Stuart and his team have been extraordinarily helpful, providing guidance on application of the software, quick solutions when new public comment formats are presented, and insights on the interpretation of comment campaigns. We look forward to growing our relationship with Stuart and his DiscoverText team.

Michael Werner, Program Manager, Avatar Environmental, LLC.

DiscoverText has played a key role in our learning what social media users are doing. Its tools are simple to use, yet robust in application, and it has helped me and my research team break through the unavoidable clutter of social media data to find some exciting phenomena laying beneath the surface. Whether you're interested in audience analysis, network analysis, or content analysis, DiscoverText is immensely useful. I can't recommend it highly enough

Galen Clavio, Indiana University

DiscoverText is the next wave of taming the raging river of social media conversation! Hop on and enjoy the ride!

Lee Bogner, CIO, MardenKane

I appreciate that I was able to put the account into an inactive status for a while and then reactivate it now that I'm ready to pursue another project, all without losing stored data -- it helps my small research budget! I look forward to starting this new project with DiscoverText.

Susan Sivek, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Linfield College

I am researching ways to capture tweets to keeping them for future use, as historical source material. The GNIP feeds provided by DiscoverText give rich, structured metadata for every tweet, opening for a broad array of analysis and use.

Yngvil Beyer, Ph.D. candidate, National Library of Norway and University of Oslo

DiscoverText is a powerful tool for anyone who relies on robust and reliable data - especially data extracted from online sources - to conduct rigorous media and social analysis

Charlton Mcllwain, Ph.D, NYU, Steinhardt

DiscoverText is absolutely best tool for scrapping whole contents on Facebook. It is really helpful for graduate students in the filed of communication studies.

Se jung Park, Georgia State University

It's a very useful tool for saving and analyzing large amounts of textual data.

Dr. Francesca Comunello, Sapienza Universita di Roma, http://www.uniroma1.it/

Much of my work involves reading online information sources to identify trend-based information in the context of online learning systems, open educational resources and innovative educational technology practices. Discovertext allows me to mine large volumes of information from the blogs, news feeds and university sources that I monitor to "discover" trends for further exploration or research.

David Porter, BCcampus.ca, http://www.bccampus.ca/

So easy to use and helpful to perceive insights- just do it

Ivo Wolff Fersberg, COPPE/Federal University o Rio de Janeiro

DiscoverText is a powerful tool for making sense of large quantities of online content. As a researcher, DiscoverText offers me the flexibility I need: I can build vast sets of targeted data from the web, perform nuanced textual analysis on the fly, and then export my data for further statistical analysis or presentation. There's just no other tool out there that offers that kind of end-to-end experience.

Jonathan Morgan, University of Washington, http://jtmorgan.net/

DiscoverText is an easy way to get the data I need.

David Sparks, Ph.D Candidate, Duke University

I think it's a great resource that is intuitive and helps all levels of researchers manage their data.

Michael Dodge, UMass Amherst