CAT - Coding Analysis Toolkit

Texifter personnel created the FISMA-compliant, cloud computing Coding Analysis Toolkit, or CAT, which is useful for classifying and adjudicating all kinds of CAT-style datasets as well as the merged work of users of ATLAS.ti. The CAT system is the end product of ten years of NSF-funded public comment classification work by Dr. Stuart W. Shulman. On May 5, 2010, CAT was released as open source software. Since it fall 2007 launch, CAT users have created more than 2,000 accounts, uploaded more than 4,500 datasets, and recorded more than a million human judgments.

Benefits of CAT:

  • The system is very fast, secure and scalable.
  • It reflects principles of efficiency, accuracy, validity, usability, and transparency
  • CAT is equally useful to public and private actors and accessible to all.
  • The system is very easy to learn and you can't break it.