Our expertise in analysis, linguistics, statistics, and computer science has allowed us to create a comprehensive solution that benefits many industries in both the public and private sectors. Unlike other solutions, we have lowered the barriers to entry that prevent many people from utilizing powerful text analytic software.

DiscoverText combines both software alogoritms along with human-based coding to provide accurate analysis. Our software has the capability to merge data from various sources, such as text files, email, and online sources including Facebook and Twitter. This ability provides a broader scope and understanding by combining multiple and unique information channels.
  • Augment your research with powerful, time-saving text tools
  • Import thousands of documents from various sources and formats
  • Discover information using powerful software and human techniques
  • No software to install as our cloud-based application is securely hosted for you
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Key Features
Import Data
  • Multiple file formats
  • Web content & social media
  • Schedule live feeds
  • Capture metadata
Search & Organize
  • Search all text and metadata
  • Organize searches into buckets
  • Chain complex boolean searches
  • Redact sensitive information
Human touch
  • Code documents with ease
  • Keyboard-optimized coding
  • Attach memos to documents
  • Connect & work with peers
  • Generate reports
  • Use tag clouds to find themes
  • Export documents
  • Validate results