FOIA Toolkit

The FOIA Toolkit, powered by SIFTER™, is a Web-based software application for state and federal agencies to handle large numbers of documents. Electronic discovery tools help agencies respond to legal exigencies. DiscoverText delivers key features for eDiscovery, FOIA and public comment response. The FOIA Toolkit is a new component within DiscoverText developed specifically in response to a request from a USDA FOIA officer for semi-automated redaction processing capabilities.

FOIA Toolkit is now part of DiscoverText!

  • Ideal tool for FOIA processing
  • Redact sensitive, confidential or classified information
  • Annotate shared memos during document classification
  • Auto-highlight unique & offensive language
  • Over a dozen sets of exemption codes
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Key Features
Import Data
  • Multiple file formats
  • Web content & social media
  • Schedule live feeds
  • Capture metadata
Search & Organize
  • Search all text and metadata
  • Organize searches into buckets
  • Chain complex boolean searches
  • Redact sensitive information
Human touch
  • Code documents with ease
  • Keyboard-optimized coding
  • Attach memos to documents
  • Connect & work with peers
  • Generate reports
  • Use tag clouds to find themes
  • Export documents
  • Validate results