QDAP - Qualitative Data Analysis Program

The Qualitative Data Analysis Program (QDAP) is an NSF-funded academic research lab that develops software, methods, and training techniques for text analysis. From biomedical, public health, and educational research, to studies in the behavioral, computational, and social sciences, effective qualitative data analysis plays a critical role. Accurate and reliable coding using computers is central to the qualitative research process.

Texifter founder Stuart Shulman created the QDAP labs at the University of Massachusetts Amherst (QDAP-UMass) and the University of Pittsburgh (QDAP-Pitt). For new and experienced researchers, as well as government personnel and others, learning qualitative data analysis or other advanced project management skills, adds hours of struggle in trial-and-error sessions. Our testimonials suggest that experienced QDAP coders and project managers at UMass and Pitt deliver large-scale, value-added classification and annotation memos on text data in a timely and expert manner.