About Texifter

Dr. Stuart Shulman

Texifter, LLC is a spin-out company based on text analysis research by Dr. Stuart Shulman, the founder of QDAP-Pitt and current Director of QDAP-UMass. Over the last 13 years, Dr. Shulman has conducted research primarily in the domain of electronic rulemaking, with a specific focus on the development of human language tools for reviewing large numbers of public comments. Over the past three years, he has been sole inventor on five distinct software applications that support tasks ranging from text classification, blog capture, and manuscript review management, to the development of better annotation for improving optical character recognition. New research focuses on the detection of threats and novel ideas communicated in public comments, blogs and other media. Texifter is a vehicle for the commercialization of new tools developed in the QDAP labs. Texifter will bring to market a wide range of Web-based software applications that will:

  • Integrate a wide variety of document types
  • Help sort expert and lay comments for agencies, interest groups and the public
  • Improve business intelligence applications
  • Support better communication between constituents and legislators
  • Detect threatening and other problematic communications to public or corporate figures
  • Provide companies, university researchers and individuals a standard document classification platform
  • Capture and summarize news, blog and other social media data for analytic work
  • Analyze "voice of customer" sentiment using a mix of automation and humans
  • Improve the efficiency, accuracy, reliability and validity of human judgments
  • Leverage social science and social networks
Texifter, LLC is an equal opportunity and affirmative action employer. We prohibit job discrimination based on race, color, sex, national origin, religion, age, equal pay, disability, GLTBT and genetic information. We value a diverse workplace, and encourage women and minorities to apply.