Commerical and Enterprise Class Solutions


DiscoverText is our web-based solution designed for the private sector. Companies using DiscoverText can gain insightful and meaningful feedback about their customer and their products. Powered by SIFTER™, with the ability to pull in thousands of documents from emails, blogs, Twitter and RSS feeds, DiscoverText can help you filter through the noise and help you gain the knowledge you're looking for.


Sifter™ is the proprietary engine that drives DiscoverText. Our Sifter™ engine powers many of the backend functions such as live feed data importation, historical Twitter collection, ElasticSearch, document redaction, clustering and machine classification. Currently, Sifter™ is a closed-loop system however we certainly have plans to present an API in the future so third-party applications can take advantage of our data and processes.


Most traditional tag clouds such only give you a static view of the terms in your text, however, the DiscoverText CloudExplorer allows you not only to visualize the most frequent terms in your archives, but also allows you to customize the terms, term colors, and drill down into your archive by searching directly in DiscoverText on the terms.

FOIA Toolkit

The FOIA Toolkit is an invaluable tool for state and federal agencies to handle large numbers of documents. Our electronic discovery tools help agencies to respond to legal exigencies. DiscoverText delivers key features for eDiscovery, FOIA and public comment response at a lower cost. The “FOIA Toolkit” is latest component of SIFTER™ within DiscoverText developed specifically in response to requests from a USDA FOIA officer for redaction processing capabilities.

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